Why is Magento 2 better?

Why would someone choose Magento 2? What distinguishes it from other ecommerce platforms? Are there any significant benefits one can derive from using it? These are some of the queries that may arise when one is considering adopting Magento 2 for their ecommerce business.

A significant challenge with ecommerce currently is the lack of flexibility and scalability, a fact recognized by experts such as Forrester Research and Gartner. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, it’s crucial to have a platform that can adapt to changing business needs and scale as required. Research bodies like Statista and Pew Research, through a series of surveys in the U.S., identified this lack of scalability and adaptability as a major deterrent for small business owners when choosing their ecommerce platform. Magento 2 presents a comprehensive solution for this persistent problem, offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability options, making it a highly attractive choice for ecommerce operations.

In this article, you will gain an in-depth insight into the various aspects of Magento 2 that give it a competitive edge. You will understand the key features that differentiate it from other ecommerce platforms and why businesses worldwide are turning to Magento 2 for their ecommerce solutions.

You will also learn about the proven benefits of using Magento 2, backed by case studies and success stories from businesses who have experienced significant growth after their switch to Magento. From increased sales to more efficient operations, the evidence supporting the switch is compelling. This article provides a comprehensive exploration of why Magento 2 is better.

Why is Magento 2 better?

Key Definitions and Explanations of Magento 2

Magento 2 is the latest version of a popular ecommerce platform that’s used by businesses worldwide to sell their products online. It comes with a number of enhancements over the original Magento platform that make it a better choice for many businesses.
Firstly, Magento 2 is significantly faster, which can improve the shopping experience for customers and boost sales. It’s also more user-friendly, making it easier for business owners to manage their store.
Moreover, Magento 2 has better security features to protect your store and customer data. It also allows for better customization, so you can create a store that fits your brand perfectly.

Unleashing the Power of Magento 2: An Unrivaled E-commerce Solution

Enhanced Performance and Scalability

The impressive capabilities that come with Magento 2 have played a significant part in reshaping the E-commerce ecosystem. One of the aspects that make Magento 2 stand out is the enhanced performance and scalability. Engineered with an advanced indexer to speed up data query performance and a varnish caching tool, Magento 2 executes web pages 50% faster than its predecessor. This results in quicker loading times, capable of handling catalog pages up to 250,000. Furthermore, Magento 2 can effortlessly manage up to 10 million page views every hour. The presence of Full Page Cache (FPC) on the server’s end ensures faster display of pages.

Ultimate Shopping Experience

Better customer engagement is vital in today’s competitive e-commerce environment, and Magento 2 aids businesses to offer the ultimate shopping experience. Magento 2 understands this need and provides a streamlined checkout process, eliminating the guesswork by automatically identifying registered emails. For new users, Magento 2 provides an option to create an account after ordering. Besides, the platform allows effortless navigation on product pages and includes a highly responsive design for any device thus promising a better shopping experience to customers.

A significant trait that Magento 2 carries is the ease of customization. Offering more than 5,000 extensions, including leading payment gateways, the businesses can now customize their online stores to suit their specific needs. The drag-and-drop layout editing feature provided by Magento 2 allows easy modification of online store’s appearance.

  • Advanced indexer for faster data query performance.
  • Varnish caching tool for quick page loading.
  • Streamlined checkout process.
  • Responsive design for comprehensive customer experience.
  • Over 5,000 extensions for easy customization.

Simplified Admin Interface and Upgrades

The new admin interface of Magento 2 is user-friendly, making it easier for non-technical users to navigate through the platform. Dashboard displays data like last orders, lifetime sales, average order, top search terms, etc., making the admin panel highly informational. The admin interface can also be customized to streamline day-to-day tasks. In Magento 2, upgrades are easier and cheaper. The frequency of updates is also high, ensuring better site performance and the application of new features that further enhance the capabilities.

In a nutshell, the power within Magento 2 enables businesses to touch new horizons. From comprehensive shopping features to a well-designed administrative backend, Magento 2 is indeed an unrivaled solution in the realm of e-commerce.

Mastering Magento 2: Driving Business Excellence and Skyrocketing Growth

Why Is Magento 2 a Game-Changer in E-commerce?

Is your e-commerce business leveraging all the benefits of a top-notch platform? If not, then it’s time you reconsider your options. The gem in the spotlight is Magento 2, a powerhouse that has stunningly enhanced user experience and performance metrics in the e-commerce world. So, why do businesses consider Magento 2 a vital tool for their growth? This latest version of Magento boasts improved caching, more straightforward checkout processes, and higher performance levels, consequently driving businesses towards user satisfaction, and hence, skyrocketing growth.

Addressing E-commerce Hurdles via Magento 2

E-commerce platforms face common problems that ultimately deter their overall growth. A notable setback is the website loading speed; slow loading sites often push potential customers away, diminishing the opportunity for sales. Magento 2, with its streamlined page caching feature, enables faster loading that significantly enhances user experience and boosts sales. Moreover, Magento 2 confronts the problem of daunting and lengthy checkout processes. E-commerce websites, with complex checkout procedures, are likely to lose customers before completion of transactions. To effectively counter this, Magento 2 has simplified the checkout process, marking a notable improvement from its predecessor. The checkout is now designed to be user-friendly, encouraging easy and quick transactions and culminating in higher conversion rates.

E-commerce Success Stories Hailing from Magento 2

The tangible benefits of Magento 2 are clearly illustrated by the multitude of successful businesses that run on it. An evident example is the world-renowned brand, Burger King. Their website has not only seen a surge in traffic but has also benefited from an improvement in sales, thanks to Magento 2. Their site, powered by Magento 2, now facilitates simple navigation and an easier checkout process, proving to be consumer favorites. Another notable exemplification is Nike’s Australian website, which saw a significant increase in user engagement since its upgrade to Magento 2. The reinvented system effectively eliminated previous issues with website performance and loading speeds, thereby enhancing the overall user experience. These businesses’ success stories underline the game-changing prowess of Magento 2. This powerful platform implemented strategic improvements to rectify common e-commerce challenges, and positioned itself as a formidable tool for driving business growth.

Reimagining Online Retail With Magento 2: Igniting Performance and Conversion Rates

The Quantum Leap in Performance

Is it not astonishing how swiftly and effortlessly Magento 2 improves your online retail performance? This reengineered eCommerce platform is designed with an enhanced caching system that significantly speeds up page load times, thus leading to better user experience, higher search engine rankings and increased sales. The modern tech stack of Magento 2, with its cleaner code base and trained indexes, promises a streamlined shopping experience that’s faster and smoother than ever before. Thus, it takes your online business to a whole new level of success.

Magento 2’s scalable backend systems simplifies customization by allowing multiple admin users, thereby solving the problem of singular admin access encountered in Magento 1. For instance, catalog management, order and inventory management are all optimized to boost your website’s operational efficiency. The intuitive backend design of Magento 2 facilitates user-friendly navigation and information search.

Igniting Conversion Rates With Magento 2

Conversion rate optimization is crucial for an eCommerce business. Is there a delay in customer checkout leading to reduced conversion rates? Magento 2 resolves this issue with its seamless checkout process. Simplified two-step checkout and guest checkout features expedite the process and accentuate customer satisfaction, thus improving conversion rates.

With personalized shopping experiences and customer segmentation, retailers can target customers efficiently leading to improved conversion rates. The simplified checkout process eradicates unnecessary steps, thereby preventing cart abandonment and propelling the conversion rates.

Revolutionizing Online Retail: Examples of Best Practices

Increasingly, successful online retailers are shifting to Magento 2 to reimagine their online retail scenario. For instance, fashion retailer Land of Nod saw a 20% increase in mobile sales after shifting to Magento 2, thanks to its mobile-optimized responsive design.

Another example is Soak and Sleep, UK’s leading online bed and bath brand, which saw an increase in mobile sessions by 20% and enhancements in mobile conversions by 10% after migrating to Magento 2. The new platform’s inbuilt features and third-party integrations led to improved efficiency and scalability, thereby enhancing customer service.

Baker Ross, a UK-based arts and crafts retailer, witnessed a significant increase of 36% on click-through rates from their email campaigns after transitioning to Magento Commerce 2. This shows how the platform’s email marketing automation can generate more leads.

These scenarios prove how Magento 2 can be pivotal in making a phenomenal difference to upscaling businesses and boosting ecommerce conversions.


Doesn’t the prospect of seamless integration, customization, scalability, and enhanced user experience propel you to consider Magento 2 as well? The advancements in Magento 2 far outweigh its previous version, making it a superior choice when it comes to building robust e-commerce platforms. Whatever the size or scope of your online business may be, Magento 2 offers new possibilities to create engaging customer experiences through its unique features and unprecedented flexibility.

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Why is Magento 2 considered to be superior to its predecessor, Magento 1?

Magento 2 offers a more user-friendly interface and additional functional features that weren’t present in Magento 1. It also provides better performance in terms of speed and scalability, making it a better platform for ecommerce businesses.

What makes Magento 2 more user-friendly compared to Magento 1?

With its modern and intuitive admin interface, Magento 2 is considerably easier to navigate and use. The platform also offers a ‘drag and drop’ layout editing function, making it simpler for users to manage their site’s appearance and functionality.

How does Magento 2 improve the performance and speed of an ecommerce site?

Magento 2 is designed with advanced caching systems like Varnish and built-in Full-page caching. This significantly reduces the page load time and enhances the overall performance of the ecommerce site.

How does Magento 2 enhance the scalability of an ecommerce platform?

Magento 2 handles large catalogues and customer databases more efficiently due to its advanced indexer and improved cart functionality. Furthermore, it allows handling concurrent product management activities without affecting the store’s performance.

Is Magento 2 more secure than Magento 1?

Yes, Magento 2 provides enhanced security features compared to Magento 1. It includes reinforced hashing algorithms for password security and offers regular patches to ensure your platform is resistant to the latest security threats.