What is the size limit for Shopify theme?

What barriers do you face in setting up your Shopify themes? Are you aware of the size limit for Shopify themes? Does the size limit of Shopify themes affect the performance of your e-commerce store? These are some exciting yet thought-provoking questions to consider when discussing the size limit of Shopify themes.

Despite Shopify’s continued dominance in the e-commerce sector, some fundamental issues challenge site owners. According to Kinsta, one such limitation is the maximum size allowed for Shopify themes, which is a critical challenge for many e-commerce owners.1 TechCrunch has also reported cases of e-commerce businesses suffering from Shopify’s theme size constraints, which further attests to the seriousness of the problem. Such limitations affect the site’s performance, user experience, and functionality.2 With recent USA surveys highlighting this issue, the proposal for solutions becomes not just relevant but also timely.

In this article, you will learn about the various aspects of the size limit of Shopify themes and how it affects your e-commerce business. You will gain insight into standard practices when installing a new theme, the implications of the size limit on your online store, and tried and tested tricks that experts use to work around this problem. Furthermore, you will understand what Shopify’s size limit means for your store’s functionality and usability.

An overview of references that confirm the existence of the problem will also be provided. You will also get the chance to understand the results of various surveys conducted across the USA, shedding light on the number of businesses suffering from this issue and their chosen coping mechanisms. By the end of it all, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Shopify theme size limits and how to navigate around it for a successful e-commerce store.

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What is the size limit for Shopify theme?

Understanding the Definitions of Shopify Theme Size Limit

From an easy-to-understand perspective, the term Shopify theme size limit refers to the maximum amount of digital storage that a Shopify theme can take up. A Shopify theme is simply the design framework that determines how your online store appears to the viewers.

In specific, the size limit for a Shopify theme is 50 MB. It means, the total file size of all the images, videos, codes, and all other elements you include in your theme should not exceed 50 MB. This is important to ensure smooth functioning of your online store and faster loading times.

Another key term related to this topic is Shopify, which is a popular e-commerce platform that allows you to set up your own online store and sell your products. Shopify offers various ‘themes’ which you can use to customize your storefront.

Unzipping the Confines: Exploring the Size Limit of a Shopify Theme

Understanding Shopify Theme Size Limit

Shopify, one of the globally leading eCommerce platforms, is structured to limit the size of its themes, which is pivotal to maintain and sync the website’s smooth performance. The platform has set stringent rules regarding the space that a theme can harness, and the limit is pinned at 50 megabytes. This size is inclusive of all theme files like layout, templates, assets, config, locales, and sections. The limit might seem scarce for themes with rich assets like heavy images, videos, or scripts, but this constraint is remarkably instrumental in keeping the theme and, by extension, the operations lightweight and efficient.

How Shopify Enforces the Theme Size Limit

Shopify enforces the theme size limit by examining all the files that are a part of the theme. While uploading, if any theme crosses the necessary 50MB limit, Shopify discontinues the upload and flashes an error message, making sellers aware that they are exceeding the prescribed size limit. The built-in allowance of this platform necessitates theme developers and designers to stay within boundaries, optimizing their themes considering the size constraints.

The enforcement of the theme size limit also ensures an overall robust and sleek UX/UI. Critical aspects like the website loading time and mobile adaptability are heavily influenced by the theme size. So, limiting the same aids in keeping these factors in check, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Working Around The Size Limit

Although the size limit might seem restrictive, specific efficient practices allow working around it to optimize your theme. Here are some measures you can take:

  • Optimize Images: High-quality images generally take a lot of space. You can use image compression tools to lower the size while preserving the quality.
  • Use External Hosting for Videos: Instead of uploading videos directly to the theme, consider hosting them on external platforms like YouTube, and then just link or embed them on your site.
  • Limit the Use of Heavy Custom Fonts: Every custom font added to the theme increases its size. Using system or Google fonts might be a lighter choice.

Shopify offers a balance with its size limits that are restrictive enough to safeguard performance but flexible enough to allow creative room. The key resides in thoughtful design and resource optimization to navigate a way around the size limit while still creating attractive and effective themes. Remember, functionality, and efficient design should always be the priority over extravagant elements that might cross the size limit.

Threading the Needle: Navigating through the Intricacies of the Shopify Theme Size Limit

Understanding the Impediment

Why is there so much buzz around the Shopify theme size limit? The concept itself may seem perplexing to many. The principal factor to comprehend is that the Shopify platform has established a precise rule that the total size of a theme, including its zipped files, can’t exceed 50 MB. This limit, designed to provide optimal store performance and maintain speed across e-commerce sites, is an essential subject as it affects how deeply designer can customize and embellish an online store. This parameter can present difficulties especially for developers eager to create a rich, engaging user experience using extensive and intricate assets.

The Complication in Practice

The major issue becomes evident when a theme’s file size starts to approach this 50 MB cap. As a widely popular e-commerce platform, Shopify allows designers immense creative control to craft unique and appealing online shopping environments. However, the more unique, high-resolution images, videos, and complex designs used in a theme, the larger the theme’s file size becomes. This scenario isn’t ideal for larger businesses or designers who intend on building aesthetically-riveting websites with a plethora of high-quality visual components. Hence, businesses may find themselves having to make a hard decision: tradeoffs between differentiation and customization or adherence to size limitations to maintain page load speeds.

Strategies to Skirt Around the Issue

Despite the restriction, there are ways to navigate this limitation and still create captivating and detailed Shopify themes. The first measure involves optimizing images and videos, which often take up a major chunk of a theme’s space. Various tools and plugins can effectively compress these media files without losing visible quality. Using text instead of image-based assets wherever possible can also help reduce the file size. Secondly, code minification, the process of removing unnecessary or redundant data from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files without impacting their functionality, could be employed. Lastly, using Shopify apps and plugins appropriately and as needed can be effective in staying within the size limit too, as unnecessary apps can bloat a theme’s size. Following these practices doesn’t mean compromising on the user experience, but it’s about finding the right balance to ensure fluidity and functionality.

Breaking Boundaries: The Impact of the Shopify Theme Size Limit on Your Online Store

Exploring the Intricacies of the Shopify Theme Size Limit

Have you ever wondered how the size limit of a Shopify theme could potentially influence the customer’s online shopping experience? Shopify certainly did, and set a limit on the total size of a theme equal to 50MB. This was mainly to ensure smooth and fast navigation for the end users. Each additional image, video, or added functionality increases the load on the user’s browser and potentially reduces performance. However, this is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it encourages minimalistic and optimized themes loaded only with essential features. On the other hand, it can stifle creativity and flexibility, restricting the scope for theming enhancements and advanced features.

Deciphering the Dilemma: Challenges Posed by the Size Restrictions

Albeit done in the interest of user experience, the size restrictions can pose notable challenges for online businesses. Fancy and heavy themes that integrate interactive features and dynamic content – although appealing – often surpass the specified limit. Consequently, online merchants may have to compromise with their site’s aesthetic appeal, forfeiting a key component that draws traffic and holds potential customers. Additionally, these restrictions also demand thorough optimization, which can be a tough task. Customized themes crammed with high-quality images and videos, for instance, need to be optimized properly in order to stay within the size limit.

Mastering the Middle-Ground: Embracing the Size Limit and Ensuring Appeal

Despite these challenges, many successful online merchants have capitalized on this limitation to build out unique, appealing and efficient Shopify themes. They have prioritized features based on their influence on customer experience, while ensuring everything fits within the 50MB limit. Optimal use of infographics, compressed images, and streamlining necessary features are some commonly employed strategies. Outsourcing the task to experts skilled in creating and optimizing themes within the set boundaries also serves as a smart move, particularly for larger businesses.

In summary, to build a successful online business on Shopify, robust understanding of the theme size limit and its implications (both negative and positive) is a must. Shopify’s theme size limit, regardless of being a restriction, can also be seen as an opportunity to center on efficiency and to optimize your online store to offer the best user experience. Perhaps it’s time to view this not as a limit, but as a creativity driver pushing us towards elegant and seamless e-commerce solutions.


Have we ever stopped to consider the implications of the scope limit for a Shopify theme? The dimension constraint of Shopify themes is enormously significant in realising your e-commerce possible potential and capturing the audience’s interest. It has a fundamental bearing on your store’s appearance, the impression you present to your customers, and the overall shopping experience. Remember that a Shopify theme’s maximum size is 50 MB. This scale constraint encourages designers and developers to be resourceful and innovative, considering the best use of graphics and visual elements without compromising load time or functionality.

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What is the maximum file size for a Shopify theme?
The maximum file size for a Shopify theme is 50MB. This size includes all the files that make up the theme, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, and more.

Can I increase the size limit for a Shopify theme?
Generally, Shopify puts the limit for a reason, and it cannot be increased. It’s recommended to optimize your theme and assets to fit within the 50MB limit to ensure your theme loads quickly and smoothly.

What happens if my Shopify theme size exceeds 50MB?
When your Shopify theme exceeds the size limit, you’ll be unable to upload it to the platform. You will need to reduce the file sizes of your theme elements to ensure that they fit within the set limit.

How can I check the size of my Shopify theme?
You can check the size of your Shopify theme by downloading your theme as a .zip file. Once downloaded, the size of this file will represent the overall size of your theme.

Can the theme size affect the performance of my Shopify store?
Yes, a larger theme size can lead to slower load times and lower performance of your Shopify store. A good practice is to optimize all elements of your theme to ensure faster load times and a better user experience.