How many WordPress themes are free?

What can a free WordPress theme offer you? What sets a free theme apart from premium ones? Are you robbing your site’s potential by settling for a theme that comes at no cost? These questions touch on a critical aspect of website development – choosing a WordPress theme that complements your requirements while being economical.

Statistics suggest that premium WordPress themes are alluring, accounting for a vast share of the market. According to WPThemeDetector, about 35% of the most popular WordPress sites use premium themes. Furthermore, W3Techs reports that WordPress powers a whopping 41.4% of the web, intensifying the dilemma of the choice between free and premium. This prevalent conundrum is the main problem dealt with in surveys like the one by WordCamp US, which highlighted user hesitations and concerns regarding free themes. With this issue in sight, it’s vital to articulate the merits and demerits of free WordPress themes, thereby presenting a tangible solution.

In this article, you will learn about the diversity and versatility of free themes on WordPress. You’ll gain insights into the number of free themes available, their features, limitations, and potential benefits to your site. We will guide you through the process of selecting an ideally suited, free theme while preserving your site’s uniqueness and functionality.

Moreover, we will discuss the crucial paradigms to consider while selecting a free theme – compatibility, upgrade options, and support. By equipping you with a firm understanding of what these free themes deliver, this article is a step towards helping you make a well-informed, economically sensible, and beneficial decision for your site.

How many WordPress themes are free?

Definitions and Key Meanings of Free WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are pre-made layouts that provide a visual aesthetic and structure to your WordPress website. They change the appearance and functionality of the website without altering the underlying software.

Free WordPress themes are those that are available at no cost for users. They might not offer as many features or as much customization as premium (paid) themes, but they are an excellent way for beginners to start their website journey. Many reliable and beautifully designed free WordPress themes are available – encapsulating various industries and blog types. The exact number of free themes fluctuates as developers continuously create new ones and retire old ones.

Unleashing the Power of Free WordPress Themes: A Comprehensive Guide

The Level of Available Free WordPress Themes

The world of WordPress is vast and full of various options. This is especially true when it comes to themes. There are thousands of free WordPress themes available that range in quality from basic to sophisticated. Some might think that a free theme limits one’s choices significantly, but in reality, they open an ocean of opportunities. A large number of designers and developers contribute to the WordPress community regularly by creating and updating free themes, making them a great option for beginners and hobbyists who do not wish to invest in a premium one.

Countless Choices and Diversity

The diversity and limitless options offered by free WordPress themes are truly overwhelming. With these themes, one can easily design a blog, portfolio, business website, or an e-commerce store without spending a dime. Each theme often features its own unique design, layout, and special features. Therefore, users can choose from countless choices to find a theme that perfectly matches their content and purpose. Free WordPress themes often come with comprehensive documentation, helpful for novices to set up their website and customize their themes on their own leanly.

Note that, although a free theme might not offer the same level of support as a paid one, many themes have an active community of users where one can ask for help and advice.

Next, let’s delve deeper into the specific benefits free WordPress themes bring to the table:

  • Cost-Effective: As the name suggests, these themes are completely free of cost, leading to saving valuable resources for other facets of your website or business. They are an ideal choice for small businesses, start-ups, or personal blogs.
  • User-friendly: Free themes are usually designed with user-friendliness in mind. They usually feature an intuitive design and layout, which makes them easy to set up and customize.
  • Diverse Designs: Regardless of what industry or niche your website belongs to, you’d be hard-pressed not to find a theme that aligns with your design preferences and website’s objective.

It’s important to remember that when choosing a free theme, make sure to check its reviews, active installations, and last time updated. This will give you a picture of the theme’s quality and the support you can expect. The power of free WordPress themes brings with its flexibility and ease of use, truly going deeper than the surface level; they offer an ideal starting point for anyone venturing into website creation.

Maximizing Your Website’s Potential with Free WordPress Themes: Step-by-Step Instructions

Grasping the Ocean of Resources at One’s Disposal

What is the true extent of the abundant resource pool that is present at the fingertips of every WordPress user? Unbeknownst to many, WordPress offers an incredible array of free themes – over 7,000 to be exact. Yes, there are indeed more than 7,000 free WordPress themes available for the enthusiastic content creator or business developer. These themes, whether they serve personal blogs, online stores, or corporate websites, grant WordPress users freedom of choice and flexibility, allowing individuals to create websites tailored to their unique specifications. The sheer number of options compels one to explore the unseen corners of WordPress’s expansive theme library.

Addressing the Elephant in The Room

While the magnitude of free WordPress themes offers users the liberty to customize their websites, this also poses a significant issue: the dilemma of choice. The overwhelming number of options can result in confusion and indecision for users. Not all themes are created equal; some themes may lack necessary features or compatibility with certain plugins. Furthermore, sifting through thousands of themes to find the one that perfectly meets your needs is a time-consuming process that many individuals or businesses may not have the capacity to undertake.

Illuminating Success Stories in the Sea of Choices

However, do not let this abundance discourage you. Many WordPress users have successfully navigated through this sea of options to discover themes that impeccably suit their needs. Take, for instance, the popular ‘Twenty-Twenty’ theme. Used by a wide array of bloggers and online stores, it highlights the immense potential of free WordPress themes. Similarly, ‘Astra’ is yet another free theme that is highly appreciated for its compatibility with a variety of plugins and its user-friendly nature. Emulating such positive examples can significantly simplify the daunting task of selecting the right theme. Researching and understanding the nuances of different themes is crucial for leveraging their full potential.

Revolutionize Your Online Presence: Choosing and Customizing Free WordPress Themes

A Provocative Question: Why Should You Choose Free WordPress Themes?

One query that often crosses the mind of people venturing into website creation is: Why should anyone opt for free WordPress themes over paid ones when stepping into the realm of web design? There’s a simple answer to this: easy access to luxury. WordPress, being one of the leading content management systems globally, hosts approximately 7,500 free themes. These themes are elegant, easy to use, and provide a gateway to designing high-end, professional-looking websites at no cost. The key idea here is accessibility. Free WordPress themes grant anyone, regardless of their budget, the opportunity to create visually stunning and functional websites. The availability of such high-quality resources at zero cost fosters inclusivity in the digital sphere, ensuring that anyone who wishes to make their mark on the online world can do so, regardless of their financial situation.

The Predicaments of Web Designing

While designing a website, individuals may encounter a plethora of obstacles, primarily due to a lack of technical skills or budget constraints. This is where free WordPress themes shine. A significant portion of these themes come with built-in features like customizable headers, widgets, and layout options, making it possible for those new to website design to create aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly websites. Furthermore, these themes save individuals the trouble of coding, a task that usually requires professional knowledge. They offer a gradient of simplicity for beginners while providing the versatility and flexibility wanted by more advanced users. The main issue in web designing is swiftly resolved by these free themes, which not only present novice users with a hassle-free design experience but also offer professionals a canvas vast enough to construct unique and tailored websites.

Best Practices for Using Free WordPress Themes

Several practices warrant attention while choosing and using free WordPress themes. First, ensure that the theme aligns with your content; in other words, the design should correspond with the nature of your website. Utilize themes like ‘Astra’ or ‘OceanWP’ for corporate websites as they offer a professional and organized layout. For blogs or personal websites, ‘Hemingway’ or ‘Baskerville’ provide a clean and readable design. Second, assess the responsiveness of the theme. With the proliferation of mobile devices, a theme that looks good on desktops and mobile devices alike is imperative. ‘Sydney’ is an excellent example of a theme that offers this cross-platform compatibility. Also, consider support for plugins, which can enhance the functionality and user experience of your site. Finally, check user reviews and ratings before selecting a theme. They usually give an accurate account of the theme’s performance and can save you from potential design hiccups down the line.


Wondering how many incredible themes out there might be available for free to revolutionize your WordPress site? As we’ve seen in our article, while it’s challenging to determine an exact number due to constant new additions, an estimated thousands of such themes are indeed available without any cost. Besides, the fact that countless designers and developers contribute to the open-source WordPress platform means there’s a massive variety of aesthetics and functionalities. Such variety ensures you are likely to find something that fits perfectly in line with your vision.

We hope our blog has shed some light on the myriad of free WordPress themes that can be of great assistance in transforming your online presence. We would like to encourage you all to stay tuned and become a regular visitor to our blog. Not only does the exploration of unknown themes encourage creative thinking and inspiration, but the continuous updates promise new themes to discover and experiment with. Could there be a more exciting reason to follow a blog?

We appreciate the time you spent with us today and your interest in our content is not only gratifying but also motivational. The proliferation of great WordPress themes is a thrilling aspect of contemporary web design, and we can’t wait to continue uncovering new themes with you. The anticipation of our upcoming articles should be thrilling, as we always strive to bring fresh, exciting, and invaluable content to feed your curiosity. As we all know, in the digital world, the only constant thing is change – but isn’t that what makes it such an exciting place?


1. How many free WordPress themes are available?
There is no precise number of free WordPress themes as WordPress constantly adds to the pool. However, it is estimated that there are over 7,000 free WordPress themes available as of now.

2. Where can I find free WordPress themes on WordPress?
You can find free WordPress themes directly from the WordPress admin area. Simply go to ‘Appearance’ > ‘Themes’ and all the ‘free themes’ options will be visible for you to choose from.

3. Are free WordPress themes safe to use?
Not all free WordPress themes are safe. It depends on the source. Always download free themes from trusted and reputable sources, preferably from the official site.

4. What functionality do free WordPress themes offer?
Free WordPress themes can offer a wide range of functionalities. They often come with options to customize your site layout, add widgets, change the feel of your site, and even adapt it to different languages.

5. Can a free WordPress theme support a business website?
Yes, free WordPress themes can support a business website. Many free themes offer professional designs and features adequate for different types of businesses. However, paid themes generally offer more advanced features and support options.