How do I create a free product in WooCommerce?

Have you ever wondered how to create a free product in WooCommerce? Are you curious about the benefits this could bring to your online store? Or are you simply looking for ways to incentivize customers to purchase more? The world of WooCommerce offers a vast number of customizable options, making it a well-liked choice among businesses both large and small. Including the creation of free products to entice customers is one such feature to explore.

However, a study published by Springer has shown that many small businesses struggle to effectively leverage WooCommerce’s full potential, often due to a lack of familiarity with the platform’s more intricate features, such as creating free products. A similar report by Shopify highlights the same issue, illuminating that most store owners underuse many valuable features because they simply don’t know how. The absence of user-friendly instructions contributes significantly to this problem. Hence, there is a growing need for comprehensive guides that can provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to fully exploit the capabilities of WooCommerce.

In this article, you will learn the step-by-step process of setting up a free product on your WooCommerce platform. Not only that, but you’ll be guided through the rationale behind offering such products and how it could potentially lead to a higher customer conversion rate. Additionally, the article will explore ways to strategically implement this feature into your business model to spur more significant results.

Ultimately, this detailed guide aims to offer a straightforward, easy-to-understand method for setting up free products on WooCommerce. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be better equipped to maximize your online store’s potential, increase conversions, and boost overall profits. So, whether you’re just starting with WooCommerce or looking to refresh your existing knowledge, this article promises a wealth of valuable insights.

How do I create a free product in WooCommerce?

Definitions and Meaning: Setting Up a Free Product in WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin used for creating online stores. It provides features to add, modify, and manage products easily. One key feature is the ability to set up a free product.
Free product means offering a product at no cost to the customer. This is often used for promotional activities or as a part of a larger marketing strategy.
Creating a free product involves a process of configuring the product price to zero in the WooCommerce setup. This process doesn’t require advanced technical skills. Instead, it can be done within the ‘product data’ section of a new or existing product on your WooCommerce site. Setting up a free product can be an effective way to attract new customers or make regular customers feel valued.

Unlocking the Power of WooCommerce: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Zero-Cost Product

Creating a free product in WooCommerce is a straightforward process that requires applying certain configurations in WooCommerce settings. The designation of a zero-cost product can serve various business purposes such as promotional campaigns, product sampling, or charity. This cycle basically enhances customer engagement by allowing them to familiarize themselves with the product before deciding to make a purchase.

Creating the No-Cost Product

The first step to create a free product is accessing the WooCommerce product data settings. Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the Products tab. Click ‘Add New’ and input all the necessary information about the product. You will need to provide a product name, a detailed product description, and an appropriate product category.

Next, you’ll navigate to the Product Data dropdown box. This is where you’ll change the price settings. Simply leave the regular price box empty and set the sales price as 0. This will make the product appear as ‘free’ on your WooCommerce store. The system automatically prioritizes ‘sale price’ over ‘regular price’ when both are filled in, making this an ideal solution for temporary promotions.

Listing and Appearance Settings

Once the product pricing configuration has been accomplished, it’s time to ensure your free product is easy to find on the platform for your potential customers. Modify the listing and appearance settings to optimize visibility and customer interest.

  • Assign tags to the product for seamless searchability.
  • Add appealing images of the product to draw potential customer interest. Use multiple angles and environments to provide context to the product’s use or function.
  • Select an appropriate product category, or choose to feature prominently on the product page.

Understand that transparency is key in building customer trust thus, clearly indicate all relevant details including the absence of hidden charges, and your policy on handling, shipping, and return costs.

While creating a free product in WooCommerce is a fairly simple task, satisfying potential customers requires a bit more finesse. It’s not just about making the product free, but how you present it to the customers and the value it imparts to their shopping experience. Remember to maintain an accommodating and informative customer service to handle inquiries and concerns about your free product offerings.

Harnessing the Art of Freebies: Step-by-step Guides on Setting Up a Free Product using WooCommerce

Creating a ‘Zero Cost’ Commodity: How and Why?

Is there, in truth, such a thing as a ‘free lunch’? Yes, with WooCommerce. This versatile e-commerce platform allows businesses to offer complimentary products or services, not as an act of charity, but as a strategic tool to enhance customer loyalty and product visibility. Many successful online stores harness the power of complimentary items to lure in customers and eventually lead them to their premium products.

A key aspect to keep in mind is that these freebies do not indicate a lack of value. On the contrary, these no-charge items can serve as an effective engagement, retention, and marketing strategy. The real trick lies in ensuring the ‘freebie’ is strategically placed within the buyer’s journey, enticing them to browse more and eventually make a purchase.

Navigating the Challenges of Offering a Complimentary Product

The process of creating a freebie on WooCommerce is not arduous, but it does come with problems that could dampen the overall shopping experience. An improperly set up complimentary item could lead to errors such as the product being added to the shopping cart indefinitely, creating confusion and frustration among customers.

Furthermore, if the checkout process for this no-cost item is not streamlined and straightforward, it may dissuade new users who might misunderstand the steps and consider it an overly complicated process. An easy-to-understand interface is key. Therefore, it is essential that these potential bungles are avoided to ensure a seamless shopping experience for the customer.

In-practice Ideas: Seamless Execution of Free Items

Several online stores that use WooCommerce have successfully tackled these problems, resulting in an effortless execution of their strategy. Let’s consider the clothing retailer ‘Alley Fashion’; they offer a free branded tote bag with every purchase above $50. To set this up, they simply marked the product price as $0 in the product data section. However, they added a conditional clause that this product only appears after a shopper has committed to purchasing items worth at least $50.

In another example, ‘Lux Reads’, an online bookstore, offers a free e-book with every first purchase. To set this up, they created the e-book as a regular product but marked its price as $0. At the checkout step, first-time users automatically have this free e-book added to their cart, enhancing their overall shopping experience and giving them a taste of the premium offerings awaiting them in the future.

Reigning the eCommerce Game: Valuable Tips for a Successful Free Product Offering via WooCommerce

A Covert Thrust into Consumer Behavior

Ever wondered why businesses are willing to give away their products for free? This concept goes beyond mere generosity. It is a strategic move to reign in the e-commerce game, notably via WooCommerce. WooCommerce, a free WordPress plugin, allows online businesses to sell anything while providing complete control to the web store owners. A free product offering can be of great value in achieving several businesses’ goals. It could serve as a fantastic marketing tool to attract more customers, increase overall sales volumes, introduce new products, eliminate stock, and build consumer preference or brand loyalty in the long haul.

Deciphering the Main Challenge

The primary hurdle lies in the effective execution of the free product offering strategy. Offering products for free may seem like a loss-making proposition to the business. Still, it couldn’t be further from the truth because such a tactic could reap more significant benefits when executed smartly. Strategizing the implementation of giving away free products is crucial. It includes determining what products to give out for free and to whom, setting up the free products on WooCommerce, utilizing efficient shipping methods, optimizing promotional practices, and ensuring you’re not violating any laws or regulations.

Successful Implementations in the Market

Several businesses have aced the art of free product offering. For instance, makeup companies often give away free samples of their new products to their loyal customers. This approach not only serves as a wonderful way to introduce a new item but also entices customers to buy full-sized versions if they like the samples. Similarly, countless online educational platforms offer some classes for free or let you start a trial period without any cost. These examples showcase how free offerings can be used strategically to increase customer engagement, broaden client base, and enhance overall sales volume.

All in all, offering free products via WooCommerce can be a valuable marketing maneuver when executed thoughtfully and strategically. It may seem challenging at first, but with careful planning and execution, businesses can leverage it to their boon while ruling the e-commerce game.


Have you ever pondered the impact that offering a free product could have on your business? Indeed, in the world of eCommerce, providing free products can serve as one of the most effective strategies to usher in a rise in your customer base and boost your online sales. With WooCommerce, such a feat not only becomes plausible but also relatively simple. A rich set of steps laid out in the article have uncovered the process of creating a free product listing in WooCommerce. The implementation of this strategy can prove instrumental in building healthy customer relationships and driving future purchases.

Having read through this blog post, it’s our hope that you’ve gained the knowledge and confidence to integrate this effective marketing tool into your stock of business strategies. We earnestly encourage you to keep abreast with our rich content so as to help you unearth more insightful tips and remaining at the fore of your industry. Besides, our content is always designed to cater to your unique needs and challenges, offering in-depth tutorials and guides. Henceforth, be sure to stay tuned and connected to our blog.

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1. How can I define a new product in WooCommerce?
In order to create a new product in WooCommerce, navigate to the Products section and click ‘Add New.’ You’ll then be able to input the relevant product details such as name, description, and images.

2. How can I set a product’s price to zero?
After the product has been defined, set the Regular Price field under the Product Data – General tab to zero. This makes the product free of charge.

3. How can I ensure the free product shows as ‘Free’ instead of ‘£0’?
You can download and install the WooCommerce Price Display plugin which alters the way WooCommerce displays free products. It will reword the price to ‘Free’ instead.

4. Can I set a limit to the number of free products a customer can add to their cart?
Yes, you can set a maximum quantity for your free product by going to the Inventory tab under the Product Data section. This will allow you to control how many units of the free product customers can add to their carts.

5. Can I schedule a sale for the free product, in case I want to charge for it later?
Yes, by using the Schedule option under the Product Data – General tab, you can set specific dates for the free product to later revert back to its original price or a sale price.